This project is ongoing as an independent design project on 3D-printed patches, see @doemprint on Instagram.

Despite the global increase of protest movements, prominent countercultures have been absent from the 21st century thus far, which contributes to a cultural stasis and undermines the sustainability of protest movements.

During this project, my team (Ayah Yacoub, Elske Borneman, Janne Spork) and I explored what the fashion elements of a contemporary counterculture might look like. Our examination of current cultural elements of dissent and do-it-together technologies has resulted in a collection of wearables which inhabit a design language for a new counterculture. The proposed design language makes use of a number of emergent technologies which have recently become available for the general public. This enables the collective production of these elements by members of future countercultures. With this research, we aimed to contribute new methods of expressing dissent and building communities.